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United States
Blockchain Coalition (USBC)

A coalition of state blockchain associations across the country
cooperating together to ensure the United States is a leader in blockchain, Web3, and distributed ledger technologies (DLT).

We do this by:

  • Aligning and collaborating on public policy and legislative priorities.
  • Finding opportunities to partner on projects that enhance the competitiveness of the U.S., different regions, and individual states.
  • Sharing best practices for economic development and building strong, supportive regulatory environments.
  • Highlighting and cataloging use cases across the country.
  • Providing accessible education to policymakers.
  • Building relationships with regulatory bodies and agencies.
Proactively seeking out new partnerships with industry, government, academia, and investors to meaningfully grow the sector across the country.

It is imperative that we collaborate

Most blockchain, DLT, and digital asset companies aren’t strong enough individually to influence legislation or policies that benefit the industry, particularly on a state-by-state basis. Blockchain organizations are often underfunded and fragmented.

We are doing things differently. It’s time to demand different results. USBC members and partners are working together to break down the fragmentation and silos to establish a strong baseline of a credible data-informed proactive strategy to build future legislation in a way that supports a flourishing blockchain, DLT, and digital asset industry.

Similarly, we support startups and companies by creating a more coherent environment to operate in, state by state. Rather than haphazardly creating different rules for each state, the USBC works to holistically enable a more uniform environment to operate in.

“We believe that ‘states are the best laboratories for democracy.’” – Justice Brandeis

How we succeed together

The US Blockchain Coalition will succeed through the power of shared resources, open collaboration, innovation, and active contributions toward a common mission. Member coalitions engage in the formation of outcomes and key results through consensus.

The US Blockchain Coalition will initially focus on the following outcomes:

Promote policies that support blockchain, DLT, and digital assets, primarily at the state level

Sharing best practices, learnings, and other resources across the states to create a more coherent national strategy and regulatory environment.

Highlighting tech-savvy political candidates who are well-educated in blockchain and crypto.

The operating principle of this consortium is growing and guiding the power of the collective–economically, politically, and operationally.

Joining a thriving tech ecosystem

Unlike other blockchain-related organizations, the USBC is working with the largest technology industry association in the United States, the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA). The US Blockchain Coalition is part of a 501(c)(6) Member Trade Association, the national Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) consortium, which also includes a not-for-profit member trade association, a not-for-profit tech apprenticeship intermediary, and a for-profit corporation providing business services to small tech companies.

The WTIA consortium recruits technology companies and allies that:

view equity and inclusion as a competitive advantage

value collaboration as essential to sustainable growth

fully embrace the opportunity to partner with and empower the communities in which we operate.

As a part of the WTIA consortium, the US Blockchain Coalition streamlines operational efficiency, creates collective purchasing power for members, consolidates political influence, and partners with national and global blockchain associations to educate the public on making blockchain, DLT, and crypto a part of a better socio-economic system.

Steering Committee

Michael Schutzler
Chair, Voting
Arry Yu
Co Chair, Voting
Lee Bratcher
Co Chair, Voting
Jaime Minor
David Pope
Sam Armnes
Dominic Folino


State Map

State Member List

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